Bathlux Shelf With Hanging Rack With Suction Cup

SKU: BLX-30136

Bathlux Shelf With Hanging Rack With Suction Cup Retail Box No Warranty




Bathlux Shelf With Hanging Rack With Suction Cup Retail Box Out of Box Failure Warranty

Product Overview:
Shelving with strong suction suction for bathroom wall or kitchen with bar to hang towels or rags included. Multifunction shelf where you can store all kinds of bathroom or kitchen accessories such as comb, hair brushes, cosmetics, makeup brushes, hair dryer, toothpaste, towels and other bathroom tools to keep your bathroom clean and tidy. Perfect to save space in small places. Available in white. Its strong suction cup is made with a combination of materials and reinforced with glue to improve its suction. Made of high quality ABS plastic, waterproof, moisture resistant and easy to clean, the brushed finish shows a nice decoration in your bathroom. It supports a load of up to 4kg.
• Ideal for placing on smooth surfaces, because through its suction cup, does not require drilling or sticking to the wall, allowing easy handling, cleaning and change of place when required.
• It supports up to 4 kilos weight
• Small and compact
• Small but made of the best materials, plastic excellent quality
• suitable locations for installation
• The product is made for smooth walls, marble, coastal, metal, stainless steel and plastic surfaces or closed