PlayStation 4 Game Concrete Genie

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PlayStation 4 Game Concrete Genie, Retail Box, No Warranty on Software




PlayStation 4 Game Concrete Genie, Retail Box, No Warranty on Software

Product Overview:
Life is tough for young Ash – isolated and bullied, it’s only in the discovery that he can bring his paintings to life that things become so much… brighter. And with the small fishing town of Denska now polluted and abandoned, only Ash has the power to cleanse the streets and alleyways with beautiful, living artwork.

Use the Dualshock 4 wireless controller’s motion sensor function to effortlessly paint stunning landscapes and bring unique creatures to life in this colourful and gorgeous action adventure – and help bring a little light not only to Ash’s life, but a whole town in the process.
Paint Your World To Life:

Explore the streets of Denskaand use magical ‘Living Paint’ to restore Ash’s hometown from Darkness. Use the DUALSHOCK 4 wireless controller to create your own vibrant street art designs in this colorful adventure. Find the scattered pages of Ash’s favorite sketchbook across Denskato expand your design toolset.
Unique Creations, Personal Connections:
Bring personalized Genies to life that will accompany you on your journey. Share special moments and bond with these colorful creatures. In return, they will work alongside you to solve puzzles that open up new areas across Denska, and unlock new abilities for Ash.
A Magical Painting Experience In Virtual Reality*:
Concrete Genie includes two PlayStation VRmodes –PS VR Experience and PS VR Free Paint. In Experience, you’ll help a Genie discover a mysterious power through painting and see your art come to life from a new perspective. Or practice your new skills in Free Paint, where you’ll manipulate your paintbrush with two PlayStation MoveMotion Controllers to create beautiful, living landscapes.
• Product Code: 711719754015
• Description: PlayStation 4 Game Concrete Genie
• Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
• Developer: PixelOpus
• Platform: PlayStation 4
• Release Date: 09/10/2019
• Genre: Action / Adventure / VR
• Rated: Everyone (10+) > Fantasy Violence
• Players: 1