PrinQ DVD-R 16X Speed 50pk Non-Printable, Retail Box , No Warranty




PrinQ DVD-R 16X 50 Pack CAKE BOX Non-Printable (12 spindles per carton ) Retail Box No Warranty
Product Overview:
PrinQ has  become one of the most popular and highly rated  A++ GRADE DVD -R’s in the storage media market.
These High quality media are manufactured by one of the world’s largest disc manufacturers resulting in world-class product and delivering
top notch recording quality product.
  • Make a perfect replica of any movie, game, music , then print directly on the DVD using a CD/DVD printer.
  • It is Ideal for backups and preserving your valuable data and movies without the worries of losing quality.
  •  Compatible with almost all Multi Format DVD writers.
  •  Each DVD holds up to 120 minutes of video or 4.7GB of data and 1X to 16X compatible.