Securnix 8 way Power Splitter


Securnix 8 way Power Splitter, Retail box, No Warranty




UniQue 8 way Power Splitter, Retail box, No Warranty

Product Overview:
This CCTV Power Splitter, 8 X 1, has (1) Female Leads on one end and (8) Male Leads on the other. You can use this CCTV Power Splitter to supply Power to 8 Cameras while using only 1 Power Adapter. The Male Leads are 2.1mm Inside Diameter and 5.5mm Outside Diameter. We also stock 2 way and 4 way splitters as well. Always check the voltage on your Security Camera or DVR before plugging in a Power Adapter. Some cameras use 24VAC for power and should not be used with 12VDC Adapters

• 8 X 1 DC Power Splitter
• For Use with 12VDC Security Cameras
• Power 8 Cameras with 1 Adapter
• 2.1mm x 5.5mm DC Plug