Seiko Ribbon FB-600, Retail Box , No Warranty

SKU: 90600

Seiko Ribbon FB-600, Retail Box , No Warranty




Seiko Ribbon FB-600, Retail Box , No Warranty
The FB-600 from SEIKO Precision is a low cost 24 needle flatbed printer specifically designed for SMB, front desk, Small office and Home office applications. The typical operating environment is the classical customer service counter application as well as protocol printers for cash registers and technical systems, simple banking counter and front office applications using a wide variety of multi copy forms and carbon copy sets where speed, reliability, robustness and ease of use and simple operation combined with good print quality and low operating cost are key factors.
• Stock Code: 90600
• Description:  Seiko Ribbon FB-600
• Flatbed printer with high resolution results due to its 24-pin wide carriage
• Print speed of 600 cps (super speed draft 15 cpi)
• Print speed of 480 cps (speed draft 12 cpi)
• Print speed of 400 cps (draft 10 cpi)
• 132 KB data buffer
• Multipart form printing with 1 original + 6 duplicates
• Seamless connection with Parrallel, Serial, USB, and Ethernet interfaces